19790.jpg V.A./HOT ROD LEGENDS ROCK 'N' ROLL(DOCUMENTS/600343/10 CD BOX/4053796003430)


[DISC 1]

1.Tico & The Triumphs (Paul Simon) - Motorcycle
2.The Four Speeds - My Stingray
3.Jim Foster & The Kountry Kut-Ups - Rag Roof Dragster
4.The Berry Brothers - Hot Rod
5.Gene Summers - Fancy Dan
6.Jack Kitchen & The Rock-A-Billies - Hot Rod Boogie
7.Vince Taylor - Brand New Cadillac
8.Johnny Roane - Drag Strip Baby
9.Bill Sherrell - Cadillac Baby
10.Johnny Bond - Hot Rod Lincoln
11.The E The Hefour Speeds - R. P. M.
12.The Rip Chords - 409
13.Duane Eddy - Forty Miles Of Bad Road
14.Bobby Johnston - Flat Tyre
15.Chris Clay & Hiswest Virginia Buckle Busters - Shot Rod Lincoln
16.Walt Benton & The Snappers - Big Wheel
17.Eddie The Chief Clearwater - I Was Gone
18.Johnny Redd - Take A Ride With Me
19.Harold Jackson & The Jackson Brothers - Travelin'
20.Don Sergeant & His Buddies - Leadfoot

[DISC 2]

1.Conny & The Bellhops - Shot Rod
2.Jimmy Carroll - Big Green Car
3.The Stripes - Hot Rod
4.James Gallagher - Ford And Shaker
5.Jimmy Stevens & Dela Mccarthy - Scramble
6.Jim Flaherty's Caravan - This Old Bomb Of Mine
7.Warren Smith - Uranium Rock
8.Frank Thayer - Long Grey Highway
9.Carl Perkins - Pop, Let Me Have The Car
10.The Duals - Stick Shift
11.Johnny Redd - Take A Ride With Me
12.Ersel Hickey - Going Down The Road
13.Rocky Davis & The Skyrockets - Hot Rod Baby
14.Jim Mccrory - Parkin' Lot
15.Slick Slavin - Speed Crazy
16.Sleepy Labeef - Ride On Josephine
17.Scatman Crothers - Transfusion
18.George Hamilton Iv - If You Don'T Know
19.Jerry Madison - Von Hutch The Mad Pinstriper
20.Danny Welch - Riding Shot Gun

[DISC 3]

1.Joyce Green - Black Cadillac
2.Ray Burden - A Hot Rodder'S Dream
3.Col Joye & The Joy Boys - Rocky Road Blues
4.Howard W. Brady - Hot Rod Boogie
5.Johnny Lane - Rocking On The Dragstrip
6.Link Wray & The Wraymen - Right Turn
7.Albert King - Dyna Flow
8.Snooky Lanson - Stop (Let Me Off The Bus)
9.Vernon Green & The Medallions - Volvo 59
10.The Hollywood Vines - Cruisin'
11.The Fugitives - Freeway
12.Muddy Waters - Tiger In Your Tank
13.Johnny Zorro - Road Hog
14.The Shadows - Jet Black
15.Poppy & The Savoys - Slappin' Rods And Leaky Oil
16.Robert Williams - Loud Mufflers
17.The Rhythmatics - Drag
18.Charlie Ryan & The Timberline Riders - Hot Rod Hades
19.The Kuf-Linx & John Jennings - Service With A Smile
20.Chuck Howard - Out Of Gas

[DISC 4]

1.Bo Diddley - Road Runner
2.The Ventures - Detour
3.Wally Hughes - Convertible Car
4.Lightnin' Hopkins - Black Cadillac
5.Charlie Ryan - Hot Rod Guitar
6.Eddie Ringo - Full Racing Cam
7.Roger Christian - Last Drag
8.Johnny Bond - Hot Rod Jalopy
9.Larry Dowd & The Rock-A-Tones - Pink Cadillac
10.The Hall Brothers - My White Convertible
11.Doc Starkes & The Nite Riders - Women And Cadillacs
12.Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps - Rocky Road Blues
13.Cookie Roberts - Draggin' The Dive-Inns
14.Maynard Horlick & The Hep Teens - Rollin' On Down The Street
15.Richie Deran - Girl And A Hot Rod
16.The Sabres & Jimmy Stringer - Hot Rod Kelly
17.Red Berry & The Bel-Raves - What A Dolly
18.The Duals - Cruising
19.Peso Dollar & The Counterfeit Bills - Sixteen Miles
20.Jimmie Knight - Crankshaft

[DISC 5]

1.The Beach Boys - 409
2.Merrill Moore - Hard Top Race
3.Johnnie Carr & Jerry Parker - Hittin' The Road
4.Jerry Arnold - Race For Time
5.Gary Shelton - Kissin' At The Drive-In
6.Carole Riley - Cadillac Lover
7.Woody Ball - Robin Hood And His '56 Ford
8.Jan & Arnie - Gas Money
9.The Storey Sisters - Bad Motorcycle
10.Pat Davis - Spinner Hub Caps
11.Pete Ciolino - Daddy Joe
12.Bob Williams - Hot Rod Race
13.The Coney Island Kids - Red Light-Green Light
14.Chuck Brooks - Spinning My Wheels
15.The Treniers - Get Out Of The Car
16.Rome Johnson - Truck Driver Blues
17.Jerry Woodard & The Glen Layne Combo - Speedway Rock
18.The Crazy Crickets - Expressway
19.Lonesome Lee - Lonely Travelin'
20.Albert Washington & The Kings - Ramble

[DISC 6]

1.Chuck Berry - Jaguar And Thunderbird
2.The Shut Downs - Straightaway
3.J. W. Warden - Sidewalk Rock & Roll
4.Long John Roller - Long John'S Flagpole Rock
5.The Jiv-A-Tones - Fire Engine Baby
6.The Exports - Car Hop
7.Mike Fern - Brake Jake
8.William Penix - Dig That Crazy Driver
9.Rick West - Cop Car
10.Bobby Verne - Red Hot Car
11.Bobby Fry - Highway Robbery
12.Burt Keyes - Stop Jivin' Start Drivin'
13.Bucky & The Premiers - Cruisin'
14.Bill Lemons - Lorene
15.Turner Moore - I'll Be Leaving You
16.Don Pearly - Drag Race
17.Sonny Wallace - Black Cadillac
18.Bill Hayes - Message From James Dean
19.The Shut Downs - '36 Three Window Coupe
20.Ben Harper & The Cincos - Driveway Blues

[DISC 7]

1.The String-A-Longs - Wheels
2.Tab Hunter - Lonesome Road
3.Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps - Pink Thunderbird
4.Jimmy Daley & The Ding-A-Lings - Hot Rod
5.Hoyt Stevens - '55 Chevy
6.Jimmie & The Night Hoppers - Cruising
7.Roy Tann - Hot Rod Queen
8.Roy Orbison - Go! Go! Go!
9.Billy Wallace - Burning The Wind
10.Hal Willis - My Pink Cadillac
11.The Delicates - Black And White Thunderbird
12.Ray Charles - Get On The Right Track, Baby
13.Gene Vincent - Race With The Devil
14.Sammy Masters - Pink Cadillac
15.Doug Harden - Dig That Ford
16.Curtis Gordon - Draggin'
17.The Esquires - Flashin' Red
18.Sonny Patterson - She Was A Big Wheel
19.Tom James - Track Down Baby
20.George Weston - Hey Little Car Hop

[DISC 8]

1.Jerry Lee Lewis - End Of The Road
2.Baker Knight - Bring My Cadillac Back
3.The Shut Downs - Body By Fisher
4.Howie Stange - Real Gone Daddy
5.Gene Savage - Big Machine
6.Lynn Bryson - Big Mean Machine
7.The Payments - Brand New Automobile
8.Bobby Verne - Red Hot Car
9.The Thunderbirds - In My Thunderbird
10.The Fender Benders - Drag Strip
11.Bob Gaddy - Slow Down Baby
12.Don Carson & The Whirlaways - Three Carburetors
13.The Four Teens - Spark Plug
14.Billy The Kid Emerson - Every Woman I Know
15.Johnny Tyler - Devils Hot Rod
16.Louis Prima - The Pump Song
17.Rudy Moore - Buggy Ride
18.Bo Davis - Let'S Coast Awhile
19.Mickey Gilley - Drive-In Movie
20.Leon Smith - Little '40 Ford

[DISC 9]

1.Chuck Berry - Route 66
2.The Voxpoppers - The Last Drag
3.Ronnie Dee - Action Packed
4.Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps - Cruisin'
5.Chuck Berry - Maybellene
6.Robert Mitchum - The Ballad Of Thunder Road
7.The Collegians - Let'S Go For A Ride
8.Big Boy Groves - I Gotta New Car
9.Mose Allison - V-8 Ford Blues
10.The Medaillons - Buick '59
11.Red Foley - Travelin' Man
12.Beep Beep & The Roadrunners - Shiftin' Gears
13.Chuck Berry - No Money Down
14.Ray Peterson - Tell Laura I Love Her
15.The Carlisles - Woman Driver
16.Bob Wills - Cadillac In Model A
17.Billy Strange - Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves
18.The Tempo Tones - Ride Along Baby
19.Smiley Lewis - Down The Road
20.Jerry Mccain - Stay Out Of Automobiles

[DISC 10]

1.Jackie Brenston - Rocket 88
2.Sonny Boy Williamson - Pontiac Blues
3.Joe Hill Louis - Hydromatic Woman
4.The Larks & Orchestra Bobby Smith - Little Side Car
5.Howlin' Wolf - Mister Highway Man
6.Bea Baker (Lavern Baker) - I Want A Lavender Cadillac
7.George Stogner - Stock Car Boogie
8.Peppermint Harris - Cadillac Funeral
9.Johnny Guitar Watson - Motorhead Baby
10.Arkie Shibley - Hot Rod Race
11.Bill Haley & The Comets - Rocket 88
12.Luke McDaniel - The Automobile Song
13.Red Foley - Hot Rod Race
14.Howlin' Wolf - Ridin' In The Moonlight
15.Speedy West - Speedin' West
16.Jess Willard - Truck Driver'S Boogie
17.Terry Fell - Truck Driving Man
18.Tex Williams - Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon
19.Cowboy Sam Nichols - Keep Your Motor Hot
20.Hank Williams - Lost Highway


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